Saturday, 20 August 2011

Pets Photo Updates....

FIRST UP IS DAWN, The lovely Lovebird who has just bathed and got a shock when the flash went off in her face.

I dont normally use flash when taking the pets, they trust the camera a bit more.(even try to eat it lol).

Dawn drying out now
 Eating seed

ha ha she looks like she saying "if you point that camera in my face again i'll ***** it lol"

Ok front feathers now dry and looks nice.

Wow this looks good but boy is it hard to eat (don't tell her it's Plastic lol)
puffed out breast.

Left wing stretch
Right wing stretch

My New Fish.

Fighting fish looks so good in the shop i just had to have her, I never wanted one of these before because I thought they would kill my other fish. then the other day the pet shop adviser told me no its only their own kind they fight with.

Here she is in with my other tropical fish and loving it she has also not shown any interest in fighting them.

Feeding time
See this little fellow blacky on the side of the tank. Worth his little weight in gold.

the other day the tank was looking o dirty with alga growing on everything. but only two days after blacky being in the tank it look s so good, he cleaned everything.

New waterfall I made for the Marine tank.
I altered the inlet tube and raised it out of the water made more hoes in the tube and it give a fantastic water display. best is the fish love it when they swim into it.

she looks so happy

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