Friday, 19 August 2011

Pork Butchers in Johor Bahru - Great for Expats

I say it's great for expat's because the one thing thats hard to find is good outlets for fresh meats. I got fed up of driving out to Juscos and Tesco's only to find that they have no meat on display or its about two days old.

I spend so much time trying to find a store with good meats, then my friend at the gym told me about this food mart in JB that has great meats fresh and frozen. and also veg eggs chickens etc,

I went and got two filet's of pork, spare Ribs, big bag of mince, big bag of pork and mushroom balls, total was only RM67.05, Costco, Jusco, Tescos would have all cost in region of RM 150++ for what i got in this store. Plus Jackson the till operator had a great smile. I will make this my weekly shop for meats, ( Just need to find a good beef butchers now and I will be in heaven.)

Ok so the details for this Store.

Fresh Mart
153 Jalan Sri Pelangi
Taman Pelangi
Johor Bahru.
tel: 07-338 1198

Or see map for location. Tip.. Zoom into map photo for easy location.

this what I did with the pork filet's.

you can ask me for my recipe for the home made BBQ sauce I cooked it in, if you like.

But Sushhhhhh its a secret recipe lol...


jackie said...

hi there John, whenever i am searching for some good food in Johor Bahru, your blog would turn up on the google search results. well done and keep up the interesting articles. thanks too for the head-up on the pork butcher in Taman Pelangi. I usualy don't go to the wet market to buy my meats for obvious reasons so this place will suit me just fine :)
by the way, I always buy my beef from this website, they do send down to JB by Gdex in foam box with dry ice. you can call Lily at 016 3384249 to order. Very accomodating and friendly-service oriented lady.

John J Foster said...

Oh wow Jackie That you so much for the beef link I shall give them a try and most certainly will have a look at the website.



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