Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Relaxing Thistle Hotel Johor Bahru - Join Me

So this morning I went to the Thistle hotel and after my gym workout I went down to the pool for a dip, and really enjoyed it, it was around 9am so not many people in and it was so nice and clean.

I decided to do quick video and share it with you. You will notice how tropical the setting and how towels are laid on each lounger. the staff are great and will fetch you coffee/tea/cocktails etc. But for me its the setting, once you are laid back in the sun loungers all you hear is the birds singing and the wind blowing across the trees.

(ha ha this my first video so no laughing, Never make a roving reporter lol.)

From my conversations with the hotel customers while down at the pool they all say they like it at thistle hotel in JB because it good price and quality is their, they also say how nice the food is.

Guess I'll have to book inn one day. ( I only have membership with the gym at the hotel).

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