Thursday, 18 August 2011

Semi D I went to Look at This Morning In Johor Bahru

After gym this morning I went to see a house I spotted on the think property website.

And not bad setting and price, I looked at the goggle map and its just behind Sultans land, good so no building on their, open fields it looks like.

When I got their it was still open land but higher than the house planted with lots of palm trees so good really but would like to see over. have to build house up higher to get the view. So it wont be worth it in the end .

but heres some pictures I took its selling offers around RM460,000. you get 4500sq ft of land with 2000 sq ft built up.

It could be made into a really nice house, one thing I did notice was how nice and quiet it was with the bird singing lots of butterfly s around and greenery all around. but if you look at the road picture you can see its very narrow and very high land band to see over.

Anyway my search will continue.

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