Saturday, 20 August 2011

Todays Lunch - Using Leftovers is OK

Today we having home made Noodle Soup with noodle, meat balls made with pork meat and seasoned, added some chopped mushrooms and cooked Bacon it smells so good already.

also I got the pork Ribs into my home made marinade for tonight to serve with rice and pork mince stir fry.

I like to get thing ready, then if we want to eat out we can, then have the food tomorrow in fact some time's it's best to leave food in the marinade to absorb more of the flavors.

The Kampong chicken I got the other day we had last night i slow cooked it in abalone and herbs. and to make an easy meal in one. I added the veg and potatoes.

it turned out fantastic, in fact the soup was so good thats what I am using for today noodle soup. just add fresh ingredients, ha ha I hate to waste food.

As you can see two different sizes of noodle, ha ha my cutter faulty.

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