Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Trip into Singapore from JB - Time it Right for Smooth Run.

It's been a while since I last ventured into Singapore, truth being their is not much I can not get here in JB that I need to go over for.

But this morning I notice the baby food for my Lovebird Dawn was running low, so off I went and I am lucky because my condo balcony give me birds eye view of the causeway and its traffic in out of Malaysia, so I can plan when to go and get the least Jams.

This Morning it was a breeze straight through not one stop on way over apart from customs check lol

I used Daniel my trusted but GPS but to be quite honest it was waste of time in Singapore, could not locate satellites while in Malaysia don't get any problems at all. (See who said Malaysia has got nothing better than Singapore lol)

anyway I found the place i was looking for in Ang Mo kio area, got all I needed and then went for lunch, I found a great little noodle shop in the market area and wow it was superb, the textures the flavors so nice and all for Sd3. I had mushroom and mince meat with veg and noodle. sour plum drink.
Then I headed home to beat the afternoon traffic and again with no delays except to stop off oat garage to top up auto pass.

Wow got back just in time Singapore is now in downpour of rain so heavy i can not see it from my condo.

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