Monday, 29 August 2011

Went to Singapore Today

Got up this morning and decided to go to Singapore and get some bird food and have lunch over their, all went well until we hit the causeway, its amazing because I can see the causeway from my balcony and it looked clear, so from the time I look over at the bridge and getting to the CIQ it became gridlocked and moving slowly but with some nice music time soon passed and we got over into Singapore.

The traffic once over their was ok I got to my destination in no time.

I picked up my shopping for my birds and cats and headed off to the food court to have some of my minced pork and mushroom noodle, this guys does it and boy does it taste good, I like the fact he asked me how much spices I want in it, not a lot I reply and it was perfect, just enough to make my nose run and still really enjoy the food. I did not bother with drink because i just love the bowl of soup water he gives you.

Then i headed back and coming into Malaysia was plain sailing - smooth all the way before I knew it, I was back home making my fresh brew coffee and settling down to read a nice book on the balcony.

Going over to Singapore in the car is a breeze compared to the walk over and buses to kranji mrt station etc. for a start so nice to have music on, pull up and custom pass over passport from the comfort of the car, only having to get out once to open boot and let customs see inside in Singapore side.

Only thing I have to watch now is my passport filling up with the stamps (chops) they give you three each side so 6 each visit take one half a page. But I get a new one soon, but like so many things in life I have to either go hong kong or fly back to uk to get it. Ill just make a holiday out of the event.

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