Friday, 26 August 2011

Would this Fool You??

You may laugh but going at speed and catching this in corner of your eye will make you think twice.

Is it worth it - Speeding Kills

So Please Kill your Speed not your Friends.

I catch myself speeding every day OK so maybe just over but with new cars its so easy to not realize your speeding, Lucky for me I have the New Honda Civic and with its eye line Instruments they really help me take notice. and slow down.

In the old days I had cars like ford escort, triumph TR6 Volvo v40 and you could feel your speed by the wind noises coming into the cars interior, but now with insolation that does not happen anymore. So now it pays to check you speedo regular or see the blue light in your rear view mirror.

Of course blue lights are better than seeing this thing casing you in your side mirror.

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