Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Air Asia Promotions - Does my Head In

So because I am registered with them we get to book these bargains a day be4 anyone else, (in theory that is).

So midnight arrived and I got to work trying to book my holidays for 2012,
I wanted one trip return to bali, but all i got was errors this went on for ages, then about 1 30am still not got it booked they put notice up to say site now under maintenance,(you may still try to book but it will be slow) - I mean for christ sake, they put promotion out, then are not ready to handle the visitors to the site.
This is really bad and got me so frustrated that at 2.30am I gave up.

Then thought OK one last go and hey presto it worked - got it booked save me about RM300 overall.

At the same time i was trying to book hong kong out and from Macau back. This I am still trying to do the next day.

and the FREE so called seats on offer, not found one yet..... bare in mind I started midnight last night and still looking.

OK well I had my moan, but for a large company they really do need to prepare in advance for these promotions.

Anyone else have problems?

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