Saturday, 17 September 2011

Apple and Blackberry Crumble - Easy To Make and Bake.

I decided to make an apple crumble because i had tried an apple and thought it lacks any flavor so decided not to waste them and bake a pie.

 My Apple and Blackberry crumble pie is so easy to make.

First Job is turn oven on and set to around 200, then in pot add 1 x tbls hot water, 1 x tbls brown sugar and heat through then peel and cut apples place into pot with some currants and Blackberrys and just heat through to melt the sugar and soften the fruits..

in this bowl is the warm mixture,

add brown sugar

add flour all purpose 1 x cup

add butter and mix with hands till it forms crumble (looks like bread crumbs) then sprinkle over the fruit mixture.

these are the blackberry's I like the taste of them.
I also like to sprinkle teaspoon brown sugar over the top of the crumble then cover with foil open side and Cook at 180 C / Gas mark 4 for about 30 minutes or till golden.

oven elements in Malaysia are usually exposed and as such tend to burn things not covered, so tin foil is good way to allow the heat to flow but cut out the direct heat otherwise.

Wal lah!! the finished pie, I like to serve it with crème fraiche or natural yoghurt.

Enjoy ................ I know we will lol.........yum yum....

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