Sunday, 18 September 2011

Balcony Garden as it Blooms

 Jasmine is my favorite plants as pleases the senses so much, especially at night, when the scent is at its best.

Just opened and lots more buds ready to burst out soon.

This was in a bad way when i got it and I just replanted it and placed it out into the balcony garden and it has not only survived but blooming so proudly showing its white flowers.

This is common old hedge plant that I took a cutting off and slipped it into a pot by the pond and it is thriving, Nature amazes me how thing grow,
this a great picture the colors are so vivid.
Looking closer you can see it has flowers and while they are not the best they are a least proof to me that the plant is happy.

Center and heart beat of my Balcony garden,
View out to the Business District and town centre of Johor Bahru.

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