Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Cat's Bridge - They just love it.

 As a pet lover I feel its only right to make the lives of your pet's much more interesting.

This is a cat bridge I made out of old bedside cabinet an old headboard and a cats scratch post.
and they love it. this is Mia first up lol.

How to do this? Well I find the best way is to move things around - add things in places they wont expect things, hide all toys one day, and re introduce one every day in different places.

 cat love to be high up. I have a tree trunk about 6 foot tall and with branches, all smoothed down and they love to climb it to get to the bird cage (empty apart from some cat toys with feathers i made inside it)

I moved it out and replaced today with this cat bridge.
 they love to hide under it, squeeze into the small gaps behind the scratch post and of course be on top of it,
 looking down

In this one you can see how they can get underneath it. the leopard skin box has a hole in it into which they both love to go.
Mia looking up at me saying thanks for the bridge.

Suki also loves it but she love her food much more and was off eating lol ( no wonder she getting fat, Still this is good exercise for them getting them to jump up and off it.

some cat info from around the world of blogs.

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