Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Cats - Suki and Mia Yearly Visit To The Vets, in Johor Bahru.

ha ha This is the look I got from Suki when I asked if she was ready to visit the vets, She shook her head both ways so fast all I got was this blur - but as it looks funny decided to share it with you.
Mia response to the same question was "What Ever" She is such a laid back cat.
But you know both of them are so adorible and today was so well behaved. However I got my hands slapped from the vet for Suki being overweight, in fact the word she used was OBEASE. Ouch!!

Of Course I have been trying to sort this out but its hard when you have two cats, as Suki eats Mia's food also.

The vet told me as my cats are house cats they don't get as much exercise at landed property cats would and as such do not require the same amount of food, but more important was her recommendation to move a little more onto tins food as it contains more water and will help her lose weight.
This is easier said than done but I will take her advice and give it a try, Suki also has a swollen face if you look at the pictures you can see this on her left as you look at her face,  Good news is its nothing serious, and should go within two weeks.

got some Amoxycillin liquid medication for Suki as she hates tablets, and you just use syringe to administer to side of her mouth, should be fun. twice a day.
My cats are very special to me so you can imagine when i saw the lump growing i thought oh no cancer lump. then after feeling her with not as much as a whimper I was at least happy she was in no pain with it.

Mia also got a top up Jab for her vaccination.

Koh Animal Clinic & Surgery

Update on Suki, the face swelling has started to go down with the antibiotics the vet gave her. and she so play full again.

I so happy to see her cute fact getting back to normal. Must have been stung by something.

Suki is a true hunter and will stalk a fly for hours, but one thing for sure when she goes to get it she usually succeeds.

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