Sunday, 18 September 2011

Johor Bahru Waking Up - Love this part of the day.

This is JB waking up with the sun coming up from the east shinning onto the CBD of JB.

This is the local Temple being renovated and the workmen arriving to start a hard days work.
This will look so good when they finish it, looking forward to seeing all the intricate work they have been doing to the structure.

Looking over the balcony this morning I was greeted with the palm tree casting their reflections into the pool, It looked so inviting to go for a swim.

The Town waking up is such a great part of my day, I just love to listen to the many things that most people will take for granted, like the sounds of the cockerels singing to us all to get out of bed, the sound of the traffic as it steadily gets louder, the birds as they awake and take in the sun shine,
but I just love to sit back and listen to the pond with its waterfalls and chimes tinkling in the background, I thank the lord each day for allowing me such luxury. and the great Nature that surrounds us all, and in JB, the greenery is such a blessing, as they breath fresh oxygen into the city and us mere mortals.

well have a good day.

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