Thursday, 29 September 2011

Lose Belly Fat Without the Hard Work - By John J foster

This Photo of me was taken two years ago in the Singapore Zoo, and while I am not that big now I still have fat around the belly. I was about 89kg

This is me now and while it does not look like i have a lot of fat, that's just gravity making me look so slim. I weigh about 84 - 86kg

Having said that I do work out every day and try to eat well.

But my biggest problem is the way I have been eating.
And it needs to change.

Now. I get up 5 45am each day I have coffee toast with marmalade on it, have one banana about 6 15 am then its off to gym around 6 30.

I only drink water while working out, which will end around 10 - 10.30 am I hit the showers steam room and the hugh Jacuzzi then I am starving so much my tummy feel's like my throat has been cut......

Then its off home and I will have lunch usually a soup follow by leftovers from last nights meal. I have this then make fresh brew coffee, around 3pm I am hungry and have cheese and biscuits, and green tea, some fruits. then about 5 30 I start out making the evening meal which I will have around 7 30 - 8pm when my son gets home.

The thing is and I believe this is the main reason for my plateau around the 84 0 86kg mark. Eating that late, my body has not got time to burn it off so it goes to fat storage.

Ok well thats the background. here is my plan for losing the belly.

Big breakfast around 6am, 10am fruit, 12 - 2pm the main meal of the day and the biggest one, it will be made up of mostly veg small amount of meat and followed by fruits.

3pm green tea and kewi fruits plus three almonds to chew, (in fact if you feel hungry at any time just have fruit or almonds) .


I will have a Hot chocolate drink, or yogurt, followed only with water to drink for the rest of the night, (except weekends) when i'll have wine with the evening meals

So to recap, 5 - 6 meals a day but only two big ones am and noon, the rest are fruits or snacks on nuts etc,

So I will go weigh myself now, and in one week we will come back to this page to update it.
WOW!! That cheesecake i had yesterday must have been so high in Calories look at this weight I am gob smacked.

No wonder I felt fat. I have been between 84kg and 86kg for months Now the scale reads this 89.1kg.

So scary folks.

OK well this should encourage me to do it more........ wish me luck.

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