Tuesday, 13 September 2011

More Fish Added to Marine tank and Tropical Tank

I added some guppies to the tropical tanks and a Blue Crab and blue yellowtails to the Marine tank.

The last blue crab I had did an excellent job of looking after the marine tank, lets hope this fellow does the same as lots of alga for him to chew on lol.


Anonymous said...

Morning John,
Birds,cats ,fish...whats next on the line?:))
p/s-love guppies too!

John J Foster said...

OK here is what i would have if I find the right landed property, (pets) dogs, goats (grass cutters and milk), pigs - piglets (to sell to market),chickens (for their Eggs),two milk cows, two lamas( for their fur),Alpaca wool has a higher micron count, meaning it is of better quality than most llama wool and sells for much more in market.

all these are so good as i make small amounts of money and have the fun of owning and caring for gods creatures. What can be better I ask you?

Then I would also work on the land and grow food to sell cheaply to locals and of course supply my family needs.

But thats the future right now I am very happy with my mini zoo lol..
hope you have a great day

regards John J foster

Anonymous said...

That is a vey good idea to have animals and vegetables farm but you need a big land for all that.Hope one day your dream will come true in JB and hopefully they are organic products :))
p/s if you have rabbits I'll drop by to your farm lol!

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