Sunday, 18 September 2011

My LoveBirds Today

This is Dawn about to Fly out of cage onto my head, she has grown into a wonderful little lovebird, so full of character and gets into all sorts of mischief.
This is Shakesphere the Budgie, she is so much more happy now I put her into her big cage. her singing is now more pronounced and so nice. I have decided she has what it take to talk as she can mimic things so good.
She is so interested in the phone taking her picture.
This is Mummy the Goth bird, she turned out to be a great little breeder, but I have stopped her for now as she needs to rest, the last lot she lost interest to early and most the young chicks died, except Dawn the surviver, but it's great to just see her being herself and enjoying her surroundings instead of stuck in breeding box. Daddy is hiding so will catch him another time.

I have been watching the lovebirds and the budgie s closely as they now are living next to each other, and so far its great in fact I can hear them teaching each other different sounds.

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