Thursday, 1 September 2011

Our Swimming Pool And Tennis Courts Get Upgraded

Yeah the Tennis courts had been recovered and the Swimming pool had been re tiled in parts, new light fittings installed and lots of repairs to the water return channels, and pumps.

Not long to go now just the lights to reinstall and a good clean down. can not wait, I missed the pool, yet we take it for granted when its their for use.

Like so many things in life, you only miss them when they are gone.
I like swimming especially if I have had a hard workout at the gym and I'm aching all over - A good swim usually sorts me out.

Also I missed the pool when I am laying on the sun beds, it's just not the same, not having the blue shimmering waters flowing next to you.

Give the whole area and even the canteen area is no good when pool is empty, you can tell due it being empty most days yet when pool full of nice water the cafe area is busy.

Good Management team here at the Condominium they have had a busy year so far with the upgrading works they have had done.

To give you an idea this is me when pool is full, I call it my Sunday by the Pool shot

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