Saturday, 24 September 2011

Roasted Duck at Meng Mengs - Saturday Night in Johor Bahru

Tonight we went to Meng Meng in Taman Mount Austin. and wow it was so good, I had the roasted duck and Crispy pork noodle, the duck was breast meat and so lean, the pork so crispy and great taste. (no photo of food because I was so hungry I had nearly eaten it when i thought about pictures lol).

The place was full but it helps that they have about ten table outside.

The one thing I like is they have lots of staff and they are kept busy by the managers (both very friendly) and did not have to wait long be4 the food was presented to us.

The herbal gravy they serve for me was not strong enough but guess thats how locals like it. 

They have one toilet, shared by both men and women, I think they lose points on this also it would be better if they had another sink outside the toilet for washing hands, if you are like me I like to hold the meat i'm eating, but it can get messy lol.

the place is very bright and airy with ac and fans working hard to keep the place nice and cool.

Best of all folks is the price - check out the bill.

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