Friday, 9 September 2011

Yeah it's Friday, I been working on new website.

Johor Bahru Website
I been working on new website for Johor Bahru, and will be adding to it continually now to make it into a very informative website. about all things Johor Bahru.

But for now got the bricks and mortar done, so to speak and it's really amazing how time flys when I work on new websites.

Anyway Pop Over and take a look at it if you get the time. Be nice to know if there is anything you would like to see added to make it more interesting, I shall be adding lot of current issues and holidays you can take in and around Johor.
 Places of interest and update on the new happening in and around the iskanda developments in Johor.


Anonymous said...

Hi John..I'm impressed,a foreigner doing 'homework' on my hometown.Well done Sir!
-Harmless stalker

John J Foster said...

Harmless Stalker LOL,

Your Welcome, and Johor Bahru is easy to LIKE....

Thanks for your comment.

regards John J Foster

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