Friday, 28 October 2011

Ksl Shopping Mall - Tower Show Apartments

I called into the KSL Management office yesterday to arrange to view the show flats and was instantly greeted and taken up to the 7th floor right away by a very nice young man called Herman Chen.

Once you step out of the lift you are greeted by your very own small lobby area, then you enter into your suite and are greeted by what can only be described as luxury. the fit outs are really done nice with lots of mirror walls the make the space feel much bigger, and I am pleased to say it works.

The first one I looked at was the 1,127 sq ft type B1 @RM874.230 - 28th floor

1,189sqft @ RM689,610 - 19th floor


2,023sqft@RM 1,072,190.00

While I liked the use of space and layout's I am not decided yet as to whether they are worth the prices being asked. KL = Yes, But for JB still think maybe touch to high for local market. but one thing they have in their favor is a leaseback for three years.

How they guarantee you the percentage returns, is by paying it to you upfront by means of reduction in price by the agreed amount. Then not only after three years do you get your apartment back but you get to keep all the luxurious fit out.

If you do buy here, you are buying into an exclusive lifestyle, With Shopping Mall below at your beck and call, ha ha for me I'd give up cooking and just eat below lol.

One thing I like is you can find good hawker food from RM2.50 a meal, up to RM100+

If you do fancy viewing it for yourself, give Mr. Herman Chen a call 607-288 2888,

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