Monday, 17 October 2011

My First Chinese Wedding in Malaysia.

Not so long ago I was invited to a wedding by my dear friends, so last Friday, We all went up to Kluang to attend and I stayed for two nights, I witnessed the build up to the day, the drive down to Melaka,
The groom had to get passed the girls to get to his bride and his boys had to do many tasks that was set up by the Brides girls, it was all so funny and lots of laughter was in the air.

Below are some pictures of the event - I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed being their.

Announcing the arrival of the Groom 

Girls that the Groom has to pass, to get to his Bride.

One of the task set by the girls was to wear silly underwear and dance.

The other was to chew hot peppers and then drink from baby bottles strap to one of the groom s boys.

Then some of the grooms boys me included had to do press ups and they placed bananas peeled facing up to face then on each down stroke had to bite the banana until it was all gone, I enjoy the taste of banana and asked for more to be replaced while doing the press-ups  so funny, will post pictures later once i receive from others.

So after passing all the test the Groom asked to be allowed in.

Once THE GATES WERE open he rushes upstairs to the brides room, only to be stopped again by the girls. to which I think he has to bribe them, to allow him access to his beautiful bride.
doors open at last

While the groom barters with the brides protection girls we all are provided with buffet meal and drinks - so nice.

Bride and groom united at last, and after some refreshments,it was back inside for the tea ceremony.

The Tea ceremony was so much fun, as the banter was hilarious.

Time for bride and groom to leave.

Page boy was so cute, He Opens car door for the Bride.
The walkway up to the Head table .

This walk way was smoke filled, they darkened the room and only a big spotlight Shone on the bride and groom as they walked down to their table in front of stage - I only took video of it but to big to put here but i can tell you it was so nice with music and people clapping - it was spooky but wonderful.

Then the feast began with about ten dishes of food served over the night, free flow of beer, wine and spirits, but most of all for me, was the good company and new friends I made.

Bride and groom filling the champagne glasses with great care.

Final shot was of the whole family on stage.

Their was Thousands of pictures taken not only by the five Photographers but guest using cameras mobile phones etc.

It was a great wedding do and I had a wonderful time.

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