Saturday, 29 October 2011

Thamara Cafe - Feast

After lots of shopping it was time for Food.
Thamara menu is so varied I was spoiled for choice. But as the prices are so cheap I ordered curry chicken with flat breads for starters. Followed by grilled Red Snapper fish. With veg and salad. Washed down with coffee.

Then back out shopping then on the way home, pick up a take away to have while watching football. Come on you Reds.

As usual the food was fantastic. Gourmet food at great prices.


Zaharah Mohammad said...

They are now closed for good. Their rest is the best we have ever gone to. Never found a better rest than theirs.

John J Foster said...

I agree shame they never got more support - the food was great. thanks for your comment. - John

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