Saturday, 1 October 2011

Why! - I Had To Eat Humble Pie - My Bro The Malaysian Trendsetter

Well it started a Few Months ago when my brother came over from the UK, and on the second night we was about to go out to a restaurant when he came out of his room in check shorts(look like underwear) and I said hurry get ready, Ready he said - I am ready.

What!! you can not go out like that!! they look like underwear, he said ha ha well this is all the fashion in UK so it will be a first in Johor Bahru. You see he said I'll be a trend setter.

Well Not wanting to make to much of an issue with it we went out had a great meal and needless to say he wore different check shorts in his three week stay.

I just laughed, but to be honest never saw anyone else pay him much attention so it must have just been me.

Then this week while out shopping in the Malaysian Sales I was confronted with rack after rack off? yes. you guessed it, check shorts just like the ones my Bro was wearing.

So I took photos and sent them to him with an apology for questioning his taste.

Needless to say he was happy at being a Trend Setter in Malaysia.

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