Wednesday, 30 November 2011

SUV Birthday Present. - So Funny

What a Weekend! - House Hunting is Fun But Hard Work

Another weekend and another time for house hunting and on this weeks agenda was the SP Setia homes in Setia Tropika area.

I was not to keen on this area but with the new road opening up soon it actually makes it a good area, the new road will continue from the motorway at Tebrau and go passed Permas Jaya, the CIQ and then onto the sea front, it will then continue along the sea front down as far as the southern link into singapore passing Bukit Indah.

I also did some test runs from the area to Sutera Mall area, and was surprised just how quick it was.

Now they have a lot to offer over at the location in terms of houses, villas, bungalows and Condominiums,

I was also surprise that the take up was astonishing.

I'm baffle to understand how people can afford the inflated prices that are being asked by the developers around Johor Bahru, and it's only getting in before the launch dates that can save you thousands of Ringgits, ( Discounts and fee's)  that in my opinion makes it worth it.

Ok well I guess its best to start with the house photos and go from their.

Location of the Setia Tropika Development.

First up is the Sky Gardens,

Testing one of the layouts for comfort.

in one of the villa's

Sky Gardens dinning area.

lounge area.

villa lounge high ceiling

dinning area
Music room, Play it again Sam.

Friday, 25 November 2011

My Tropical Home In Malaysia. Build or buy? That is the Question.

Just right size for me.
I have been looking for my dream home in the tropics now for over six years, and still I have not found it.

I am now getting fed up Renting (money down the drain) so the question is, do I buy the land in the location I want then build. or keep looking for that perfect home.

For me as a child growing up and watching Ernest Hemingway in his tropical home in Key West.( even though his home was 2 stories it gave me lots of ideas)

I used to love the way the curtains flowed in the breeze and how when bad weather came they closed the shutters, just little things I remember but Malaysia is perfect for me to recreate my own Paradise in the tropics.

Things I will need to dress the home will be

  • Carved, caned and wicker furniture
  • Wood flooring
  • Tile flooring
  • Area rugs
  • Curtains
  • Draperies
  • Shades
  • Shutters
  • Bedding
  • Mosquito netting
  • Throw
  • Folding screen
  • Plants
  • Woven hat
  • Ceiling fans
  • Bistro set
  • Hammock
Looks a lot but I can assure you this only touches the surface.

Tips from ehow.

Shop for furniture made by island craftsmen evoking pieces imported by the European settlers from their homelands. Look for pieces in hard woods, like ebony, teak and mahogany, that sport carvings of island motifs like palms and pineapples. Mix in white wicker pieces with deep cushions upholstered in bright turquoise and coral.
  • 2
    Lay floors of wood or tile. Leave them bare or dot them with rugs in natural fibers like coir and sisal. Opt for a more traditional look with Oriental area rugs.
  • 3
    Dress your windows with sheer, white curtains that float in the breeze. Add heavier draperies or curtains that can be drawn for privacy. Opt for bamboo roll up shades to give your windows a natural island feel. Install plantation shutters to block the hot sun.
  • 4
    Relax in a high four poster bed made up with white bedding and topped with a mosquito net canopy or surrounded by white cotton curtains. Give it a splash of color with a cotton throw in a bright island color like canary yellow or cobalt blue.
  • 5
    Create a reading nook with a caned arm chair sporting a cushion in a palm tree or shell design coupled with a mahogany floor lamp featuring a coarse linen shade and a carved teak side table. Separate it from the rest of the room with a silk paneled folding screen.
  • 6
    Bring in the outdoors with plants. Place potted palms and flowering hibiscus around the room. Hang ferns above windows to blow in the breeze. Place small floral bouquets in English china teacups on table tops around the room.
  • 7
    Choose colors that evoke the tropics. Consider painting your walls warm orange, sea foam blue, bright yellow, red or turquoise. Hang a Caribbean inspired painting you particularly like and pull the colors from it as inspiration for the rest of the room.
  • 8
    Greet visitors with a lime green door embellished with a hat woven from palm fronds. Create an island retreat on your porch or deck by adding a ceiling fan, lush flowering and hanging plants, wicker chairs painted white or mixed and matched in colors of the Caribbean. Add a wrought iron bistro set for casual meals and a hammock for wiling the hours away.

  • Read more: How to Add Caribbean Style to Your Home |

    Some photos of what I am looking for. you will see my dream home does not have to be that big, its the planting design that will make the house feel tropical.

    Pool not to big but practical and easy to maintain

    wall sculpture really nice and simple

    Like use of mirrors on wall

    wall and curtains good

    Loung area by the pool

    Pool at night lit up


    Open plan - I would install roll bamboo blinds all around 

    Open plan living

    master bedroom flowing out into Garden

    Nice bedroom flowing out onto pool deck.

    Like the running water into pool from the wall

    Wednesday, 23 November 2011

    iPhone 4s - My New Toy

     Yeah at last I got my hands on the new iphone 4s, but to be honest I am not expecting much different than the 4, I had already, But Oh boy have i had fun with it already.

    I have an english assistant on the phone by the name of Sirus, you can have Usa lady or British male, I choose the male and he is so funny.
    I called him stupid for not know where Johor Bahru was, and his reply was "Oh I'm sorry to hear you feel that way" but in fact i find it to be very useful and a bit scary because its so dam cleaver and almost like have a human talking back to you.

    If you ask him the weather in KL he goes online to find weather forecast etc, in fact his reply was " You will need your umbrella this weekend in KL, and a 5 day forecast was on the phone screen.

    I'll do a more in depth review once i have had it a while.

    The changes to the iPhone 4S are easy to document - the camera has been upgraded to 8MP (with an improved aperture ratio), the CPU is now the same dual-core A5 processor as seen in the iPad 2, and a seven time increase in graphical processing power.

    but first impression is - it's fun to use.

    Created a romantic #Coffeemate music vid for my perfect one & it's so simple to do!

    Created a romantic #Coffeemate music vid for my perfect one & it's so simple to do!

    Tuesday, 22 November 2011

    Casania Show House by Tanah Sutera

    Over the weekend we also called into the Casania development in Taman Sutera.

    I had seen these being build and never seemed to have time to call in, so it was a real treat when we did, also a bit of a surprise you see these are really nice houses.


    living room

    Patio from living room

    Master bed and bathroom

    guest room

    dinning and dry kitchen area

    Layout ground

    layout 1st floor

    Rainbows Over Johor Bahru - Great To See.

    After Visiting the Seed property, we was looking over the site entrance then when I turned around I saw this great Rainbow, and the bottom picture their was a double rainbow although not to clear in the picture.

    This is a double rainbow, by the time I got my camera out the second one on the left is about to fade.

    but it was a really nice feeling looking at this, in fact I remember thinking is this an omen and I should indeed by a property at the The Seed.

    But that's another story...

    Property - The SEED in Johor Bahru - Good Location in Sutera

    The Seed development was something I read about last year and thought it looked interesting and as it was by Tanah Sutera Developments you know it will be good.

    The above Video is an overview of the project and looks really good, but looking at the amount of properties within this precinct
    and all will be able to use the lagoon pool area I can see it being a very noisy place for the condo units that overlook it.

    But if you like me and love the sound of children playing then it wont be a problem.

    More about the project.

    The Seed is an exclusive secured development that comes complete with resort facilities offering a vibrant lifestyle living in a tropical setting. Developed on 47 acres of prime freehold land, The Seed is a stratified development featuring individual strata titled Garden Suites.

    Set amidst verdant landscapes with captivating water features, these Garden Suites have abundance of amenities to pamper you senses and enliven your soul.

    the seedAt The Seed, Convenience is the key word to comfortable living. Here, residents will have the opportunity to enjoy the house facilities such as spa, hair salon, child centre, launderette and polyclinic. Other facilities include swimming pool, gym, wading pool, badminton court, multi-purpose hall (karaoke), etc. It is also located within 5 minutes’ drive to Sutera Mall Commercial Centre.

    The Seed is home to some of the finest school in Johor Bahru (Education Hub) – Seri Omega Private Primary and Secondary School, Kuo Kuang Primary School (2), Calvary Victory Centre, Kiwanis Careheart and others.
    The Seed is conceived to live up to the green living concept. At The Seed, recycling will be a way of life with the commitment of “Good habits are better than a carefree life.” This will be achieved among the residents through practising of the 5Rs, which are :- Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and be Responsible.

    The sales Lady ( Sherlyn Tan ) at the show house office was very informative and really made us feel welcome with non of the pushy sales tactics used by others.

    I was given all the information I needed and will spend a day going over all the pro and cons and more research in the area, a to see what else is being build around their.

    I liked the duplex apartment the best as I feel it had a more open plan layout than the others. I have a likeness for bright airy spaces.
    Location is opposite the Sutera Shopping Mall, see map below...

    Monday, 21 November 2011

    Tropical Heaven in Johor Bahru - Visit to Taman Laguna Show Homes

    This weekend House hunting was to Taman Laguna and The Seed developments(my next blog) near Sutera Shopping Mall.

    The Houses in Taman Laguna are really a good big size, plenty of room to move about and feel at one with nature as it protrudes into the house by means of a Light-well in the center of the house and floor to ceiling windows all around.

    The whole house feels so Tranquil, with spacious living at its best.

    But I'll let the photos do the talking.

    THIS HOUSE IS THE BEST I SEEN FOR SPACE, and although it's to big for us, it will make a great family home.

    You can find the development on this map.

    The Developer Details as follows....

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