Monday, 14 November 2011

Home Fair - Got New LG 742" 3D Smart LED TV

Hi Bloggers,

Apart from getting a great deal at the home fair.
I must say I was disappointed about the show. The Event has so much Promise yet it was held in the small venue KFC Level, however they did not charge for entrance so can not complain to much I guess,
AND of course the home show is on at the New KSL shopping mall this week so my thoughts are that maybe the vender's felt they would get more business from the ksl expo than at the persanda, and to be honest they got more chance of visitor at the shopping mall spending than special trip to the persanda centre.

Good News is I saw and got a new TV, I have been eyeing up the new led tv's and after lots of negotiations I got a deal I could not refuse to accept. And I even got RM1000 for my old tv. which was a samsung 32" and i had if about 4 years, so still in good condition but was happy getting rm1000. for it.

The New TV is the Latest LG 42" 3D LED TV. Model 42LW5700TA and boy is it good.

For me the special thing it has is a 2D to 3D converter, and it does a great job, of course its not perfect but watching film from Astro with 3d glasses on was a breeze and a whole new experience for me.

For a start I was not a fan of 3D as it gave me headache, but these glasses and this set I get none.

The other choice and better picture was the samsung one but the 3d gave me headache. - THE BEST 3D was the Phillips but they are so ugly and bulky.

Also its a Smart TV so can connect to Internet and Surf, play Game, read papers.
So Got my Christmas Present Early. wow thats not to far away now.

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