Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Long Weekend in Paradise, Johor Bahru Malaysia

What did you do this long weekend?

I love the long weekends, people go away and the roads are not as busy, car wise.
Plus if you know me I love to eat so took the opportunity  to go check out some great food places. went to Desaru beach (photo from one of the hotels on the beach) for lunch and to check out some new bungalows they are building over their. (must get one of them hanging beds(hammocks) so comfy once you manage to get into them lol)

I had lots of noodle dishes, claypot chicken, snapper fillets, crabs, sweet & Sour Pork and Chicken, marmite chicken. marmite ribs. massive burger at the Grill restaurant, and so many more smaller meal and snacks. ha ha not all in the same meal lol - spread over the four days.

I also did lots of relaxation by the pool at Thistle hotel and back home in the condo. watched movie's in the cinema and home, and on Monday took the time to do some house clear outs, got rid of items no longer used but all working. It's so cool living in this condo, items u no longer want you put out onto landing by the lifts and they usual are gone within the hour, big item you arrange with management but they are so helpful.

OK so hope you all had a great time in whatever you did this long weekend, but for me Johor Bahru was Paradise. (and that's from someone who has been to over 180 places and countries around the world)


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi John, glad you're enjoying yourself, it's great living in Malaysia, is it not?!

I've never heard of marmite chicken though!

Duncan In Kuantan

John J Foster said...

Hi Duncan,

Oh wow you are in for a real treat then once you try it.

In JB they put it on chicken, pork,pork ribs and Crabs.

Marmite is one of the spread you like or hate and no in between, for me however, their is not much food I do not like lol,

Hope you and the family are well,

Regards John.

Gwen Chia said...

Hi John. I chanced upon your blog while searching for marmite crabs in JB. I'm amazed at how little I know about my city (compared with an expat). Anyway - glad you've found your paradise in JB.

Gwen - A big marmite fan

John J Foster said...

Thanks Gwen

I love marmite crabs and the best I have had is in Bukit indah

Hook Sang Restaurant,
No1 jalan indah16/8,
Bukit Indah

I just love living in Johor Bahru, I find a new restaurant'a online, to try out at the weekend,

Good for me but not for my waist, but its all about quality of life. So I spoil myself then go gym every day to get rid of the extra pounds lol

Marmite fan - Regards John

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