Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Pampering Myself at KSL City in Johor Bahru

This place is on the 3rd floor and as I past I thought oh why not, I checked out the price list and found the pedicure and manicure for Men was RM70. or RM120 if you have the spa treatment also. but I stuck with the basic one and was well pleased.

I was shown over to the high chairs with sink in front of them and instantly the girls came over and got started, one doing the feet while the other got on with the hand job, (sounds rude that) let rephrase that, to manicure.
Never realized how Hairy my fingers are.

In about 20 mins both hands and feet were done and not only looking good but feeling good, as they get massaged and moisture cream rubbed in.

Not Bad feet for 53 years of age.

I used to go every month for facials and hands and feet then just stopped, then thing is after you get them done professionally you notice how bad they was looking before.

So go on, treat yourself this week, go get yours done....

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