Monday, 14 November 2011

Puteri Harbour Photo's - Nov 2011 - Johor Bahru

Building on left with Yellows Crane is Traders hotel Under way, the building to the right of it is the Imperia Condominium (I'll do separate blog on this condominium) overlooking the Puteri Harbour in Nusajaya Johor Bahru in Malaysia.

These are high end projects and this is reflected in the prices and finishes within the apartments, these are not empty shells you get them fitted out from top to bottom, I was impressed with the thickness of the tiles they are going to install, also the other fitting look to be made of quality materials that will last.

The Sales Lady we spoke to was so informative and nice to speak to, that we chatted for over an hour about the area and what was going to built around the harbour etc.
 I first went to the marina when it was built and this time around I was impressed with how the plant life has matured and gives the place a nice feel.

I do however think its not a place to buy to let out as nothing will really be in full swing for about three years, but for own stay then I would and am thinking about it myself.

you also of course get privilege berthing rights when you purchase an apartment in the Imperia condo.
Guards on duty around the harbour and very pleasant to chat to, their was lots of people about to embark onto a small vessel for a trip over to Singapore.

Also they will be doing a ferry service from here to raffles and the waterfront in Singapore and back, This I find will be a pleasant way to go into singapore and back.
Some of the boats in the marina, Some having cocktails on the stern.
Looks so nice - I have been looking for a 40+ footer now for about three years. and will get one when the price is right, over here in asia the prices are sky high. So I may take a trip up to thailand and have a look round their.
They do bikes for hire also, good idea to use for looking around the area.
Don't the palm trees look nice.

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