Thursday, 10 November 2011

Stiffy On At The Gym - Why did Mary want to touch it?

Bet that headline got some attention, even though it's true.

You See I was working out and my shoulder got stiff, and when I turn my head to the side I found that I had to turn body also or got pain in neck area. Not nice at all.

Once Mary saw it she offered to use her healing hands to rid me of the pain,(by all accounts she is very good too) but I said I would try the hot sauna/Steam room first see if it helps, and it did while i still feel little twitches I feel it will go away completely soon.

Think I actually did it while trying to get out of the hammock at
PULAI Desaru Beach Resort and Spa the other day - I fell back and used that side arm to restrain me from hitting the sand, and at the time felt nothing, but thats the only thing I can think off to cause the shoulder pains this morning.

OK well need to get back to doing the ironing from all the clothes we used over the long weekend, (Get the maid to do it - I hear you say!) I would become so lazy if I had a maid, in fact in the uk only the rich have maids so I was very surprised to see over here in malaysia have a maid is commonplace.

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