Friday, 16 December 2011

Casio WK8000 Keyboard Workstation - For Sale

Selling My Keyboard Casio WK8000

I decided to sell my keyboard because although it's full size 88 keys 

and sounds wonderful the truth is because it has so many gadgets 
on it, I find I am playing about with them more than practicing the

So I have put it up for sale at RM2700 neg, and then I will buy 

myself a Piano keyboard only nothing to distract me.

It's funny you know that the older I am getting the young I feel, 

after years I got the xbox out of its cobwebs box the other day 
and spent hours playing with it - I forgot just how much fun these
 things are.

but It also made me realize that gadgets are nothing more that 

time wasters and at the end, I had achieved nothing, and that 
how I sort of was on the keyboard by using the gadgets and 
sounds i was having fun but gaining nothing. at the end of the
 week I was not advancing at all on the song sheet i was meant 
to be completing.

so Hopefully changing over to the piano keyboard I will progress.

Also the above keyboard is fantastic it has an arranger on it 

and tons of things one can do, I used to spend ages just bending
 the sounds of instruments and loved it.

I have seen a nice Korg piano keyboard for sale in my local

 Music store and love it. Just right size 88keys but no fancy
 gadgets like my keyboard above So hopefully no distractions.

As one gets older it's harder to absorb the information 

and even harder to keep it stored so I need all the 
concentration I can muster.

This will make a great Christmas present I have all the 

original wrapping box,foam inserts, clear wrap and books.

I will even trow in the midi cables to connect to the p.c..

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