Monday, 5 December 2011

R= Retail Heaven at The Johor Premier Outlets

Went to the Outlets this weekend after much Publicity, I was surprised to find it so hard to find as not one banner showing the way either from the motorway or from kulai, I know because I went round and round trying to find it, cars were even reversing back onto the motorway in efforts to find it.

But to be honest this was only a soft launch so maybe before they open on the 11th they will get it sorted out.

Ok these are the stores that are their.

Save the best till last lol.

It was a great day lots of sunshine, I was early thats why it looks quiet in the background.

The grounds of the place are really nice, and fountains all around. 


Anonymous said...

Haha! Gap is awesome! My one stop clothing store whenever i go shopping, which is close to never. Though i'm up for some cheap shirts for Christmas!

John J Foster said...

Hey good to hear from you, I read your blog in google reader, I like the layout and of course like you will go back for some nice presents to the outlet place.

Enjoy your Christmas Everyone, Spend, Spend, Spend like LeiWen Pang. we sure to have good one lol.

Roamer said...


Looking at the pictures of the merchants there, I'm wondering what is the difference with what can be easily obtained at JB city itself?

Why would someone travel a great distance from Singapore or JB city area into this faraway forsaken place like Kulai?

My question is genuine, despite the harsh tone.

John J Foster said...

Roamer, I AGREE. They are smart and advertise one or two item that are cheaper but the rest are dearer in some cases than local stores.

Thanks for your comment.

regards John

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