Friday, 2 December 2011

Pandan Plants, Good to Rid Yourself of Cockroaches

The other day we spotted small cockroach in the car, but two months ago i spotted large one, so I got to thinking of no maybe the new one was a baby of the larger one.

I went straight to the car wash and had it hovered out and sanitized, the car smells great and I am sure that should be enough but Not taking any chances.

 I asked a friend where to get Pandan Leaves, as I heard they are great to get rid of cockroaches as they hate the smell/scent it gives off.

and next day she fetched me some in. Now if you know me you will know I love animals and plants - Hence the choice to make them go away and not to kill them.

when I unpacked it was a nice plant already with lots of leaves already been hacked off for use, so I also took some leaves off and YES I planted the root and leaves in the balcony garden, by the pond as they like moist areas, so hopefully it will grow.
pandan leaves in pot next to pond

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john foster said...

I use the pandan leaves in the car as air freshener,
they are very cheap at one ringgit a bunch, I tie a knot into them to release the juice and put under the seats. when you get into the car it smells great for about a week then I just change them for new, they also rid the car of bugs and cockroaches if you are unlucky to have them as I did.

but now the car is free of pest and smells great….

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