Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Why I love Living in Johor Bahru Malaysia

A friend just sent me this and while I think it's really funny, It sort of reminded me why I left the UK.

In the UK I was like an old man on crutches - My knees hurt my hands hurt when the weather got cold, which was a lot of the time, and life was not that good, My eyes were getting worse and if I took glasses off I was blind.

I come to live in Malaysia and after few weeks my knees were no longer paining me and I started to do sports again, something I really missed, I took up badminton, swimming I went to gym every morning and I lost lots of weight that I was carrying around, Then one night while having a meal with friends I was talking about how fed up I got when working out at the gym and the glasses kept sliding down my nose.

It was suggested i get my eyes looked at, and Optimax in city square was recommended, turns out I had cataracts in both eyes, no wonder I was finding it hard to see, but I thought it was and old mans problem. anyway cut the long story short I got them done and never looked back, My eyes are perfect now.

so upon seeing the photo above I thought oh wow I not going back to live in UK and my new home is Malaysia.

Funny thing is I even enjoy it here when it rains, and love the lightning and thunder I find it quite exciting and it's FREE.

Asia truly Malaysia.

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