Friday, 2 December 2011

Dim Sum Restaurant in Horizon Hills - Johor Bahru

 Very OK, Dim Sum was a great little find the other day, while looking at houses. in the horizon hills development but between you and I they are far to expensive for what they are.

But the food here was great, great choice of dim sum and very tasty.
light fittings we good stainless steel,
good choice on the wall
close up of dishes
location and bill was RM22 for about ten dishes and tea.

Pandan Plants, Good to Rid Yourself of Cockroaches

The other day we spotted small cockroach in the car, but two months ago i spotted large one, so I got to thinking of no maybe the new one was a baby of the larger one.

I went straight to the car wash and had it hovered out and sanitized, the car smells great and I am sure that should be enough but Not taking any chances.

 I asked a friend where to get Pandan Leaves, as I heard they are great to get rid of cockroaches as they hate the smell/scent it gives off.

and next day she fetched me some in. Now if you know me you will know I love animals and plants - Hence the choice to make them go away and not to kill them.

when I unpacked it was a nice plant already with lots of leaves already been hacked off for use, so I also took some leaves off and YES I planted the root and leaves in the balcony garden, by the pond as they like moist areas, so hopefully it will grow.
pandan leaves in pot next to pond

Horizon HIlls Golf Club, Trip Out.

Took a break from house hunting to relax at the horizon hills golf resort in Johor Bahru and enjoyed it so much.

Nothing like open space and fresh air into your lungs to revitalize the body.

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