Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wow Christmas Already

Cheer's everyone, I been so busy this last week, it was my aim to be in my new house by end of 2011 but with so many to choose from and so many more coming up, I found it very hard to make my mind up.

Then the ones I liked were to overpriced by speculators who are now trying to off load them before thing turn downwards for the property market, already the banks are tightening the loans they are given and now based on nett earning and not gross as was before.

I went over to horizon residence and found it was sold out apart from one unit that had its loan refused, and I really liked the thoughts of living their, but for one reason or another I am not ready to commit just yet.

Today found out that danga has condo unit coming up just passed the seiborg residence over at permas jaya area, south bay has one launching soon, seita has the 88 towers condo, then the twin towers, the seasons over lakin, just so many more. where is all the people coming from to pay for these units which I might add most are sold out before they come onto the market, in block. then I feel the speculators will panic and sell off their units cheap just to unload them and re-coop the cost.

Oh well I'll enjoy Christmas and New Year then start again in 2012.
I will eat drink and be merry, I hope no bad things happen in the world and we start 2012 off in a good manner. all the best to you all in blog land.

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