Saturday, 28 January 2012

New Printer - Great deal in Johor Bahru

My printer went on the blink and narrowed it down to the printer cartridge, when I enquired how much for a new I was shocked to find it cost nearly more than the printer cost 5 years ago.

So I just bought a new printer for the same price.

I do lots of printing but right now i have lots of online forms to print off, so I can fill in and send by post.

the bottom is the old printer and the black one on top is the new one i just got.

They are smart you know as they now no longer give you the bottom tray to catch the papers, saving money, but hey folks it only cost RM119 with two year warranty.

The bottom one is cool as I can still use as a scanner and top one for all my printing needs.

Danga city mall is where I got it 2nd floor, two very nice and well informed young ladies helped me with my choice and were excellent in their service.

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