Friday, 20 January 2012

Toast Box - Butters You UP

I love to go to the malls in JB and nearly always will go to toast box for a quick coffee, The other day however I thought I would have a go at one of the sets No1 - you get two softish boiled eggs, coffee, and Kaya toast all for a great price of RM6.75. Now Look at the picture and tell me whats wrong with it.

OK this is Singapore so it's Set No 2 but straight away look at the toast bit - you see what looks like a slice of cheese is actually BUTTER.
 So much of it.

Now look at my tray from the other day.

Ha ha you see so much butter not needed, of course thats their way of doing it and I would not dream of asking them to change but it's no wonder Malaysia has a high rate of overweight people with heart problems. (worldwide problem actually not just here) but for me this is disgusting to shove this pure fat down your throat.

I love to cook and use butter a lot so do not want to be a hypocrite, the point i'm making is spread the butter thinly then add Kaya, not only would it be kinder to the people having to eat this but save toast box a small fortune overtime.

Will I still order this - Of course - I will just scape it off as above picture shows.

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