Friday, 17 February 2012

Bowling in Malaysia - I am retired and Love It Also.

Malaysia Bowling Team
When I retired over to Malaysia in 2006 one of the things I took up again was bowling.

The local leisure mall in Johor Bahru has a good bowling ally and in the mornings till around 2pm its only Rm2 per game, but I was surprised at how busy it gets at that time of the days.

The good thing is it's a game one can go to play on one's own and enjoy it, of course its not long before someone will ask to join you.

So not only is it good for you but you get to make new friends and enjoy the games.

Being retired one has to find things to fill your time, it can be sports, voluntary work or just a walk in the park. the thing is you have to keep the Brian working.

My Dad bless him always said - Use it or lose it. and in many ways and things in life its true.

Fact No 1 - I do not know how I had time to work. every day I am finding that there is not enough hours in the day to fulfil the things I wish to accomplish, yet back in the UK I used to work 10 hours a day and yet still have my hobbies.

Living here in Malaysia, I get up each day around 5.30am have my morning coffee out on the balcony and listen to Johor Bahru waking up, you get the call to prayers around that time, and you can hear the faint sound of the motor bike brigade heading for the CIQ and on into Singapore, It really is the best time of day for me.

Then around 6.30am its off to the gym for hour or two depending on the workout i have planed for that day I can be their for around two hours.

Today I did some swimming at my condominium and really enjoyed it, then followed it up with breakfast in the Cafe. Great start to any day and its only 9am now.

So its some blogging some website building, and then its housework, Yes even us men do the housework these days.

The best of it is, their are so many people working hard back in the UK that could also retire here in Malaysia and also live the good life, if only they knew how.
ASK Me!!!
Bowling Ally Location
Address : 148 Jalan Serampang, 80400‎ Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Time : 10:00am - 10:00pm
Phone : 07-3352317‎

OK enjoy your day bye for now..................Maybe hit the beach Later...

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