Monday, 27 February 2012

Friday Night is American Idol Night with Nice Meal

Thought I would make a nice Special Meal for our Friday Night.

Nice Steaks thawing out, with a stir fry mix veg, and sauted potatoes which later will add garlic butter, followed by a nice big Apple Crumble and Custard, and served throughout with nice bottle of Red Wine.

But the main reason for pre-cooking it all, is so we don't miss any of the american Idol, we just love to see the people singing their little hearts out to get a place in the final 24.

I must say that this year all the contestants are not bad, and while some of the one's chosen I feel others were better I will reserve judgement till later to see how the judges selections go after all they are the experts(said with tongue in cheek)

OK - How did it all go? well to be honest it was crap.

They steaks I pounded with mallet then marinaded them for three hours in teriyaki with garlic sauce, but when i cooked for three mins each side was so tough I could have used them for new soles for my shoes.

So we ate all apart from the steaks, (of course I waste nothing) had them next day, cut them thin and fried them with mushrooms and served over noodle for lunch and it was a hit, so tasty and filling.

this was stir fry veg and was so nice.

Potatoes cooking in salted water

Apple crumble with cinnamon and nutmeg was a big hit and lasted two days

This wine was crap, even though i let it breath for 3 hours it was still bitter, yuk.

But once again i waste nothing and had to just finish it off and take like a man.

Have to say after the first glass i was feeling rather merry, so although taste was crap the kick was OK.

American Idol was good really enjoyed it.

All in all folks it was good start to weekend,

Hope you all have a good weekend.

regards J.......

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