Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Xbox Sold, So Many Enquiries But Not In Johor Bahru

This morning got sms asking if the xbox was still for sale, which was a surprise as i had put the ad in 60 odd days ago and had forgotten about it really, Well this time it was a nice man living in JB who came to view it right away.

He got it for his Son who I am sure will really enjoy it, much better than being at my home not being appreciated anymore.

When I lived in the UK I used to sell lots of items on Ebay, but Ebay malaysia has not got as many items or categories I should say.

I furnished my home in the UK with wonderful antiques furnishings I found on ebay.

Then when it was time for a change I would resell on Ebay, Recycling is the way to go on this little planet of ours.

I bought a car in the UK from ebay a ford Escort got it around 200pounds it was 10 years old and only thing wrong was exhaust falling off, so one New exhaust and four new tyres, I always put new tyres on any car i buy because when you think of it, only a little bit of rubber touches the road on each tyre so it pays to make sure you have the best tyres and I usually go for the michelin pilot series, Now on my car i got the pilot3 sport tyres which are great for malaysia and its rainy days.

I feel so safe, anyway back to the ford car, it turned out to be one the best reliable cars i ever had and i had about 20 over the years, I get bored and like to change every year or two at least.

It was a very good car and fuel usage was so good at around 38mph , good price for tax and insurance, when i came over to malaysia I sold it to a friend for same price i paid and he still uses it every day and that was 6 years ago - So you can find some great bargains online,

The secret is patience, Don't rush into the first one you see, take your time do your research, Then make your offer, unless its fixed price then pay the asking price.

Now in Malaysia I use Adpost, mysimplyfied ads, OXL all are good but for me adpost and oxl are fastest, mysimplyfied is so slow to load i get board.

So give it ago if you have items you no longer use, put them up for sale. I am glad I did.

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