Thursday, 8 March 2012

iPad 3 - Goes on Sale March 16th in Singapore. But is it worth it?

Morning Bloggers, So the big news is that it goes on sale this month and I was wondering is it really worth it, in term of updating to the new ipad3.

OK so the main updates are….
Top Four Updates.

  1. Retina Display.
  2. Quad Processor
  3. 5 megapixel camera.
  4. 1080p Video Recording
The price will be around us$499 for basic model, Of course what they should do is offer us a great trade in deal, to temp us after all if like me, you have not had your ipad2 for long, then updating is not on the cards

Weight and shape are the same, if anything the new ipad is a bit thicker? strange when all around are going for thinner they buck the trend and go fatter.

You can expect the visual pleasure you will get are worth it, especially if like me you love to use the ibooks and read a lot on the ipad, this new screen resolution will make it such a pleasure to read on.

From what they are saying about it is that it's screen resolution are fantastic and it's so clear and easy to read as it has great definition.

New apps are a bonus to behold, 

The speed is far better and no lag when starting the apps up.

The camera update to 5mp is overdue and welcomed by all.

One thing I was surprised about is that they are not including SIRUS in this model upgrade.

One thing I do know, Is that come March 16th in Singapore and another 9 countries that will be launching it - Is that their will be long cues waiting in line to get their hands on this new model.

Final verdict from me is that it's a lot like the old ipad, but faster and better screen, and all things taken into account for me its not worth the money to upgrade.

However if you never had an ipad then you will love it and I would defiantly advise you to buy one.

If you are new to the ipad then you should go look at my other site on the ipad it will help you in terms of learning how to use it's many great features.

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