Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The New Evolution Of Man Picture - So True..

Remember This! The Evolution of Man Picture.

Well I found another thats nearer to the truth for todays man.

OK here it is….

Sad but true for a lot of men, hope I don't get like that again, you see folks when I lived in the UK, Drinking was something that you are raised with, to go out after work with your mates have a pew pints and then back home, then weekends it was lunch at the club, few games of snooker with the lads, then night out with the family, More food , more Drinking.

Then the best day of the week was sunday. Up and out to play football , then off out for the famous Sunday Roast, few pints, snooker, back home to rest, only to go out again for more beers at night.

At the time of this, it all seamed natural to me, and it's only since living out here in Malaysia I can see that my previous lifestyle was not the best way to treat one's body.

It's no wonder in the UK, I was on the way to looking like our dear friend in the picture above…

Living in Malaysia has shown me how life is not about drinking but enjoying the company you are with, drinking tea, coffee and as I do mostly juice. and it's time that families are often seen out eating and drinking together.

I save the beers, wine for treats at meal times or relaxing with my Gin & Tonics on the balcony at night.

Hope your week starts of well Bloggers, chat soon….


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Yes I remember that English lifestyle very well John. I'm also glad to say that I've never once touched a drop of alcohol and I did not follow that lifestyle while living in England. Living in Malaysia is better, perhaps because alcohol is not as easily and widely available, but I must say, there is much less pressure here than in England.

John J Foster said...

I agree family life in Malaysia is so nice, It's like UK was about 30 years ago.

Except the weather here is fantastic, I don't remember when I last wear long pants, he he.

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