Thursday, 15 March 2012

Perfect Bread - Big Claim But Backed Up By Taste.

Amazing that todays bread taste the best yet, and the only difference was I used 50/50 1.1/2 scoops brown whole wheat and 1.1/2 of the white bread flour, I would normally use 1 of brown to 2 of white.

At first I thought I had make big mistake as when I was kneading it, It was falling apart and very bitty so i added some more water and it got better, I put away to prove while I went down to the gym, then one hour later when I returned I was gobsmacked at how much it had risen, so I punched it down kneaded and shaped to fit loaf tin and let it prove.

Again it had risen above the tin but held its form and shape. I baked it for 10 mins high then lowered for another 30 mins.

the result is above and the taste is about to happen below, and believe me when i say it was so good and tasty.

On today's sandwich i added some tuna to tomato, onion and cucumber mixed with low fat mayonnaise and it was so good with a cup of my MATE tea.

But look at the texture of the bread so even and crusty. Bon Appetite.

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