Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Trying P1 Modem in Different places.

Meter checking radiation.
Well yesterday was great as far as the P1 internet was concerned (I used a Sat dish to double the speed of the signal and unit) and the best I got was in the Master Bedroom, I managed to tweak it to just below one bar below top of meter range, it give me around 4150kbps on the speed test where i used to get between 1500- 2150 .
So you see it was a success, Or was it?

OK here's the deal - I am very happy with the experiment and its result however I am worried about the Electromagnetic radiation that is being pulled into my bedroom….

Don't know why but i normally sleep like a log but last night i was constantly waking up, - Coincidence? Well I hope so, because I have spent the last 4 hours since 6am moving the P1 modem around the condo unit to get similar results.

Failed - No where is as good as in the master bedroom, I will have to try sleeping with it turned off over night if that helps then ok.

Electromagnetic radiation is emitted from a WiFi embedded laptop when it is enabled. Just found this video that shows levels of radiation coming from wifi enabled laptop, - so just imagine what amount my big sat dish is dragging into my home.

Another thing is its so ugly to look at lol. (I know never happy am I) but that's because I like to get the best out of everything I do in life or it's not a challenge.

Plus my dad (bless him) who I miss everyday and think of so much when doing things like this, I can hear his voice. Shouting JOHN!! If you going to do something then you must always try to do it well, do not settle for less. If one does not push oneself then you will never know whats over the horizon. I loved the things he used to come out with….

Then Mother would chip in and say Stop! shouting at the lad, he's trying his best.
Then dads favorite retort was mother don't involve yourself in man's work, he he - To which mother would say" Oh! so when mother is out in all weathers picking the vegetables, feed the chicken so you can have eggs, mowing the lawns, climbing up trees to get your apples for your pies. repairing the washing machine, so i can clean your dirty pants, up the ladders clearing out the gutters, and on and on until he said OK mother you made your point. I retract my mans work statement. (he would look at me and whisper - anything for peace and quiet son. Mother would say" I heard that" and start laughing. then father would start laughing in the end we were all laughing so loud.

Oh I miss them days so much - cry cry.

OK sorry about that - oh yeah I was just explaining that even though i got the best signal ever I was still trying for more.

but I'll just return it to the master suite and turn it off at nights, if that works then i will be happy.

You know it makes such a difference when the internet is faster, you know how you are surfing and click a video only for it to play a little then pauses while it loads, well I HATE that, (not many things in life i hate by the way).

All yesterday not once did it hang - it was a breeze to surf.

Plus my work uploading data to my web servers etc. all done with ease.

In the afternoon I was multi tasking for ideas for my new house,( I know its not even built yet but time will go by so fast,) so I set up folder on my desktop named MY HOUSE JB, and then look at all the interior design websites and copy room layout, product details and prices, then at the end of the week i will go through them in detail and transfer info into data base or excel sheet for later recall.

Wow! today I waffle on so much. ok well its coffee time then pile of ironing to do then relax and go for swim.

hope your day goes well.. bloggers.

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