Tuesday, 3 April 2012

C = Causeway - Johor's Main Link to Singapore

Todays A-Z is C= Causeway .The Johor–Singapore Causeway(MalayTambak JohorChinese新柔长堤) is a 1,056-metre causeway that links the city of Johor Bahru inMalaysia across the Straits of Johor to the town of Woodlands in Singapore. It serves as a road, rail, and pedestrian link, as well as water piping into Singapore.

What is Surprising is that over 60000 vehicles use on a typical day, in fact most of them the traffic is congested.

It was Opened in 1923 and was constructed by United Engineers Malaysia Berhad.
The daily running of this is done by Plus Expressway Berhad.

It took 4 years to build and at a cost of $17million(1924 prices that is).

Today its still in use and although their is another link to the south, the Causeway remains the main link into malaysia.

For more information on this go to - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johor–Singapore_Causeway

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KarenG said...

This is interesting! I've often thought how cool it would be to live somewhere like this. As a writer, my dream would be to live in different faraway places, maybe a year or two at a time, and just write about the experience.

Nice to meet you, and welcome to the Challenge!

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