Friday, 6 April 2012

F = Focal Points Of Johor Bahru

JB From the Sky
Johor Bahru lacks the focal point that most world-class cities have.

This undefined core area is one of the key elements that is currently missing in the city centre.

This focal point would help to further reemphasise its importance as a major business centre.

By creating an urban core in the city centre, it could further enhance real estate values in the vicinity to create opportunities for new development areas that is lacking in the city centre.

One of the upcoming ways I heard was the opening up of the SG SEGGET River in the Centre to provide a recreation area for pedestrians, CBD workers and tourist to enjoy.

This would be a good Focal point. 
 (if its done right)

Another Focal Point is the Shop Houses or could be.

The shop houses along Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, Jalan Selat Tebrau, Jalan Ibrahim, Jalan Trus and Jalan Wong Ah Fook are where traders from Arab, India and China used to come to trade spices and tobacco and there are more than 246 shophouses with great heritage value that can be found here – mostly built in the 1920’s.

Today the city reflects its rich history through buildings like the Sultan Ibrahim Building, the Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque, and the Grand Palace or Istana Besar Johor. The Istana Besar boasts a distinct Anglo-Malay architecture and houses the museum where priceless treasures of the Royal Collection are showcased. In addition the Johor Bahru Railway Station and Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar (English College) are also significant landmarks. These buildings have become an important part of Johor Bahru’s urban fabric and are heritage landmarks of the city. These buildings are significant not only from Johor but also from a national standpoint as many historical events of national importance has occured here. Thus, it is important that these buildings be retained and classified as the heritage of the city.

JB Enhancement Plans

Water Park Focal Point - Seen from Causeway Visitors

This could be the best Future Focal Point from Visitor point of view as it would be one of the first things they will see on the left of the causeway bridge as they enter malaysia. First Impressions Count!!………..

This would stretch from the causeway up to the un used waterside shopping city, which in my opinion is such a shame as it has much potential if done right - example would be vivo city in singapore as it over looks the water over to Sentosa island. 

Just think of a floating boardwalk around the mall with it lined with  cafe and hawker food stalls it would be such a pleasure to enjoy.

Then we have the Future River enhancement in the city to join this water front I think you will agree Our City Planners have good ideas - Lets see them put into action. Johor Bahru is a city with a big heart, Lets get it Beating……….

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