Monday, 9 April 2012

H = Hot Springs of Johor

Grisek Hot Spring - I don't know about you  guys but I just love hot springs, they are so family friendly to relax out in the sun or under cover depending where you go but this is one of my favorite secret places,.

The natural wonder of hot springs can be found in the district of Muar, about 10km from Parit Jawa town. Like many other hot spring spots in Malaysia, the Grisek hotsprings is more popular with local visitors who believe in the benefits of the hot mineral waters to soothe musle aches, and provide some relief to certain skin ailments. The hot spring area has chalet, bathing and parking facilities, a children's playground and some shops.

Grisek Hot Springs is probably Johor’s best kept secret yet. Not many people out of Johor know about this quaint spot.

Located in the district of Muar and about 10km from Parit Jawa, Grisek is a favourite spot, frequent by local visitors, who believe in the benefits of hot mineral waters that soothe aching muscles and relieve skin ailments. 

On the way to the hot springs, there is a scenic rural view that gets you into the mood before dipping yourself into a medicating bath.

The hot springs also have facilities such as chalets, bathing and parking amenities, children’s playground and shops.

While you are on a trip to Grisek, don’t miss out on this chance to visit Muar that is famous for its delicious food menu. Stop by Parit Jawa for their fresh seafood dishes, as well as kuah asam pedas, a famous Malay cuisine amongst the Johor locals. Whereas in Muar, try the local food otak-otak (a fish cake made from a mix of fish paste and spices), mee bandung Muar (spicy rice noodles), and many more.


Anonymous said...

Dear John, your write on Hotspring in Johore (Labis and Grisek) is very informative. Any further advise on how to get there in details from Singapore?
thank you!

john foster said...

thanks for your comment, it's best if you use google maps, but From the North South Expressway (NSE), take the Ayer Hitam exit (Interchange 244) onto highway 50 that will lead you to Batu Pahat. From Batu Pahat town, travel north-west passing Semerah. At Sungai Balang, take a right turn and drive on for about 4km and you will reach the Grisek Hotspring.

Anonymous said...

Hi John, I am a Singaporean and I am living in Johor since May 2012. I am in love with Malaysia...serious! I am still working in Spore, to & fro Spore/JB every weekdays for work. I was searching from the net about Hotspring when I bumped to your site. Very good information. Since you've been to both Hotsprings in JB, which one is the best because I thought of bringing my 2 boys and mum there. Waiting for reply. Thank you. ~ Shy

john foster said...

Hi Anonymous with regards to which one I prefer then i would say Grisek was better- your boys would love this one the other is also ok but not as much going on there but it is a lot closer.

good luck and hope you all enjoy your time at the johor hot springs.

regards John
email me if you want any more info. john at fastlinxs dot com

john foster said...
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