Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Name is JOHN and I'M an addict……

It's true I'm addicted to coffee, this week I was going to go back onto my shake diet which means no caffeine and I got to 11am and had the shakes, so scary, I had one cup of coffee and felt great.

It just shows how your body gets to like some things above others. I will have to come off it slowly.

This is a link to explain it.http://www.naturalnews.com/012352.html

The hidden dangers of caffeine: How coffee causes exhaustion, fatigue and addiction.

Anyone else feel they need a coffee, I only have about two cup of freshly brewed coffee each morning, then that's it till about noon when i will have a 2 in 1 coffee, then its green tea rest of the day.

So for me I never give it a thought that my body was loving the caffeine, but must admit the last few weeks doing my gym workouts each day has been hard going die to feeling tired, maybe it's due to the above.

Anyway be interesting to know anyone else who is a coffee lover. and feel tired or exhausted because as we all know the caffeine is supposed to boost how we feel, not hinder it.

OK well back to my nice cup of coffee lol.

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