Friday, 11 May 2012

Danga Bay at Night - May 2012

Wed night I was at Danga Bay - and had nice evening meal at Lazio Restaurant and Cafe.

Then a nice leisurely stroll along the Marina and bay.

Such a nice way to relax after a tiring day Shopping with my relatives who were over from the UK.

The bar area of Lazio Restaurant and Cafe was a nice place to retreat to after a superb meal, as their was a man/ woman Duo singing, and I have to say they were really good and the man had such a lovely tone to his voice I could have stayed all night -- ha ha I nearly did.


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi John, good to see you enjoying your life in Malaysia. I'm hoping my parents will be over to Kuantan this September.
Duncan In Kuantan

john foster said...

Hi Duncan, Being an expat it's so nice when family from home arrives in your adopted country.

It's also tiring lol as you want to show them as much as possible they had a great time and said they will be back in two years.

hope your parents have a great time up in Kuantan.

regards John

JohorArabianMom said...

Hi John and Duncan
You are expat at my country, but me expat at other country :) That's life. How everything there in Malaysia my pals? I will be in JB in end of June :) Take care

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